Hi Bethany, I

Hi Bethany,
I am looking for someone who could come to Weaverham (near Northwich) daily (most days – not expecting anyone to work 7 days a week! 4 or more days per week would be preferred though) for maybe an hour or so each day. There’s no personal care required, or even any particular tasks – it’s more just companionship / support / guidance that is needed. It would be a relatively short term thing – probably for a month to start off with, and then begin to cut down on the number of days that you visit per week.
Client is a late 20s woman; lives alone; diagnosed with ADHD, autism, and anxiety. She is normally completely independent but going through a really rough patch with mental health at the moment and just needs a bit of extra support to help keep on top of things.
Let me know if you’re at all interested – would be happy to chat about it over the phone or answer any questions.