Dear Ugo My

Dear Ugo

My names Shazia and i’m 42, and I have Muscular. I’ve read your profile and am very interested in learning more about you.

I’m looking for an experienced carer who will be happy working in a team and alone. Their duties will be to help me with all aspects of my daily life, to include personal care and household chores.

I can see from your profile that you fit these requirements and much more.

I am a wheelchair user and live in Manchester with my family. I am a friendly and bubbly personality with an easy-going manner and a good sense of humour. I enjoy reading and going out to the cinema and theatre. I am a keen sports fan especially football. I like to follow the soaps and watch crime dramas in my spare time. My hobbies are history, politics and gardening. I also love baking and would hope it’s something we could do together.

I would really like to speak to you about the job. Please could you message me back.

Thanks Shazia