Dear Michelle, I

Dear Michelle,

I am a mum and looking for a PA for my son, He has severe cerebral palsy, bowel incontinent and needs 24 hour care. He also has a leaning disability but is able to communicate quite well.
He is a fun loving young man and loves to go out and about in his mobility car, and has to use a wheelchair.
We have three PA’s at the moment but one is leaving very soon to have a baby, but she hope’s to return when her maternity leave ends.
We would very much like to know if you would be interested in joining us, we are very friendly and run a happy home for my son, he lives in Ellesmere Port in his Bungalow and we don’t want it run like a care home its nice and relaxed and happy. If you are interested please reply we would love to hear from you.
The rate of Pay is £10 per hour Days and £87.50 per sleeping night, we only have zero hour contracts but there is always shifts available.

Kind regards
Barbara Beaumont