Lisa ref#3810


Up to 3hrs per day

Rate Of Pay




Brief Requirements

Had severe stroke, left side paralysed & can also swear out of frustration, if easily offended, this may not be job for you - 62 year old gentleman who needs Support getting out of bed, washed or showered & getting downstairs, very set in ways & has a routine which never changes and likes to do as much as possible for himself, Heat breakfast & make cup of tea Or Pass lunch & make cup of tea these will already have been prepared by his wife, Support with toileting when required, Putting to bed & making cup of tea, Likes continuity & once trust is gained will open up & talk he is a private person who was once extremely active & finds the whole situation & accepting support really difficult, must also get on with dogs

Person Specification

Help & assist with personal care 3 - 4 times throughout the day mon - sun and get on with dogs

Main Description

Reliable, flexible & friendly with good sense of humour, patience & understanding as will become part of our household