Denise ref#3894


A variety of hours available throughout the week. Some weekend hours on rota basis available. Evening work from 6pm-10pm

Rate Of Pay

starting from 14.00



Brief Requirements

Are you enthusiastic and looking for work where You can make a Positive Difference?
We would like to hear from you! We are seeking new people to join our son's small team of support.
Previous related experience will be welcome, but not necessary, as all training will be delivered.
About our son....with good support, Dan enjoys a full and active life. Dan has both physical and learning Disabilities, resulting in high level support needs, requiring the support of those that know him well, to carry out his daily living activities, including his personal care and safety.
A little bit more.... Our sons number one passion is his Keyboard playing!

A regular at the pool where he enjoys his own style of "swimming" and relaxing in the jacuzzi.
Also an Important contributor at our local Community Garden, and Wheels for All Project.
Having his own adapted Bike, requiring a reasonably fit person to ride it in our local beauty spots.

BENEFITS include.
*Permanent Contract
*5.6 weeks Annual Leave{pro rata}
*Accredited and Bespoke Training, and
*Importantly interesting and varied work!

Person Specification

Its Important that Personal Assistants support Dan in a way that works for him and his family. The following qualities and skills are considered essential when providing support.
Personal assistants need to be good at;
*Listening, Communicating, Observing, and sharing information.
*Working as part of a team
*Working on your own, within the home and using your imagination and initiative.

It is also Important that P.As;
*Treat Dan with respect and dignity at all times.
*Respect Dans home and Personal Belongings.
*Are sensitive to the challenges of working in someone's home.
*Respect and promote, Dans individual choices and decisions.
*Understand the importance of Confidentiality for all members of the family and team.
*Are honest, reliable and trustworthy.
*Have and understanding about the approaches required to support Dan as an individual.
*Are Willing and able to "take on board" advice given to support them in their job.
*Can drive and have a clean and current drivers licence.
*Are non smoker/vaper, physically fit and energetic.
*Willing to take part in training and ongoing supervision.
*Commitment to your own personal development is essential.
*Planning and organising activities.
*Finding out about and developing new activities.

Main Description

Job Description .
Dan ,41, shares his family home with his parents .As a family we are committed to supporting Dan to live a full and positive life . It is important that everybody who works alongside Dan recognises and respects his individuality .
It is important that PA's support Dan in a way that is respectful and personalised.

Main Responsibilities.
1 . To provide support within the home -
This includes supporting Dan with activities such as the hot tub, craft , sensory activities ,baking ,music, massage , as well as contributing to the smooth running of the house with practical, household tasks such as hoovering , washing and food preparation .
2. To provide support to go out and about -
This includes researching new places and activities Dan can enjoy , as well as supporting him with planning and participating in activities he already enjoys such as swimming ,cycling going for walks , picnics and visiting places of interest.
3. To provide support to keep healthy , safe and well -
This includes support to keep safe when at home and when going out and about as well as support to keep healthy and well such as attending appointments .
4. To provide support with personal care .
This includes support with getting ready for the day , such as dressing ,washing or bathing and all other personal care . (PA's will not be expected to be involved with personal care until Dan feels comfortable and safe with his support workers. Appropriate training and support will be given by his family )
5.To provide support with communication -
Dan does not have speech so a big part of your training will involve ways to interpret Dan's individual and unique communication and how you communicate with Dan . Support workers will be expected to act as an advocate for Dan when out in the community.
6 To provide physical support -
Dan is able to walk around his home and out to the car holding hands with his support workers. When out of the house Dan uses a manual wheelchair which is pushed by his PA's .

Some information that Dan would like to share
* I'm passionate about making music . I like musical instruments and enjoy using them in different ways . My family think I'm quite a creative person.
*I have an adapted bike which I love taking out on rides .
*I enjoy swimming especially when the water is warm.
*I enjoy exploring things using all my senses
*I enjoy going to new places , but it can take me some time to get used to being there.
*I enjoy seeing my friends
*I like having my own space and time to be on my own. I also don't like to be rushed ..but when I am ready to do something I don't like to hang around !
*I like to show people what I want and how I want to do it . I mainly use touch , sound , smell and taste as a way of getting about and feeling safe and in control .