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Brief Requirements

We are looking for experienced care/support workers to support an older adult who lives in his own home and has dementia, reduced mobility and ADHD.

Person Specification

Essential Attributes:

~ Excellent spoken English
~ Commitment to the role
~ Being comfortable and competent with email communication.
~ Being comfortable with providing personal care.
~ Patience, and the ability to give a person as long as they need to do tasks, without rushing them.
~ Respect for autonomy.
~ Ability to keep accurate records.
~ Strong prioritisation skills
~ Excellent organisation skills
~ Strong attention to detail
~ Self-awareness
~ Capable of developing a relaxed relationship with the person supported whilst maintaining appropriate employer/employee boundaries

The appointment is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure through the Criminal Records Bureau

Desirable Attributes:
~ Care Certificate.
~ Up to date training in continence management and/or moving and handling.
~ Good knowledge and understanding of the Mental Capacity Act
~ Living close to Scotforth/South Lancaster
~ Holding a full UK driving licence, having your own car and being confident driving on all types of road, including motorways.
~ Having the flexibility to be able to work additional hours
~ Prior experience of working with people with dementia, reduced mobility, continence issues and/or ADHD.

Main Description

Applicants with a Care Certificate and/or up to date training in dealing with continence issues and/or moving and handling training are particularly encouraged to apply.

However, we do have training available for suitable applicants who do not hold these qualifications.

Provision of personal care is an essential part of this post.

Job hours:
We have 3 roles available, all of which have different regular hours. We also have at least one bank staff position available.

Note that it is *NOT* possible for the same person to do all of the roles, so please read the working hours carefully and let us know *which one role* you would like to apply for.

Role 1: 9 hours one week, 8 hours 15 mins the next with Tuesdays and Wednesdays off every week

Monday 10pm (45 mins)

Tuesday off

Wednesday off

Thursday 7am (1 hour)

Friday 11 - 2 (3 hours) + 5.30pm (1.5 hours)

Saturday 7am (1 hour) + 5.30pm (45 mins) alternate weeks

Sunday 7am (1 hour)

Role 2: 8 hours 45 mins per week with Tuesdays off every week

Monday 7am (1 hour)

Tuesday off

Wednesday 7am (1 hour)

Thursday 7am (1 hour) + 5.30pm (45 mins)

Friday 11 - 2 (3 hours)

Saturdays 7am (1 hour)

Sundays 7am (1 hour)

Role 3: 9 hours one week, 6 hours the next (alternating) with Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Sundays off

Mondays 7am: Approx 1 hour

Mondays 5.30pm: Approx 45 mins

Tuesdays 7am: Approx 1 hour

Tuesdays 4.30pm: Approx 1.5 hours

Wednesdays 10pm: Approx 45 mins

Saturdays 12 noon: Approx 1.5 hours

Saturdays 10pm: Approx 45 mins

Sundays 11.30am: Approx 1.5 hours (alternate Sundays only)

Sundays 5.30pm: Approx 45 mins (alternate Sundays only)

Role 4: Bank staff - no set hours, but covering for holiday/sickness absence as needed.

Job aim:

The purpose of the role is to support an older adult to safely live at home and enhance his quality of life.

Duties and responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following

· Prompting and, if needed, some physical assistance with getting ready for bed and getting up in the mornings.
· Encouraging the person supported to mobilise at suitable opportunities, in order to prevent further deterioration in his mobility.
· Preparing meals or snacks (depending on time of shift).
· Personal care, including changing incontinence pads and skin care (training and advice will be provided overseen by district nurses)
· Assistance with ensuring that things are in the correct place and preventing trip hazards.
· Laundry.
· Light cleaning duties - such as washing up.
· Prompting to take medication (automatically dispensed) and use inhlaer.
· Providing company and social support (depending on time and length of shift).
· Record keeping
· Communicating, where appropriate, with the person who manages support for the older adult, in order to keep them informed of his needs.
· Providing flexible and supportive help in urgent or unexpected situations.

This job description gives a statement of the general purpose of the job and provides an outline of the duties and responsibilities involved. It is not intended to be comprehensive and you will be expected to be flexible and accept shared responsibility with other postholders for achieving the primary aims of the role


Formal training, to provide basic skills needed to do this job, can be provided if required.

Informal training, on the specific care needs of the person supported, will be provided to all successful applicants.